Relationship Killers

The Most Common Reasons Why Relationships End

In general, we enter relationships feeling happy and on top of the world. After all, relationships are built on mutual interests and feelings; otherwise, they would not have started at all. If this is actually the case, then why do relationships end and why do couples end their relationships in the blink of an eye?

If you find yourself in the wonderful process of building a new relationship, then you have to know the most common relationship killers. By doing so, you are aware of the things that you should and should not do in a relationship. Most of us are unaware of how relationship problems develop. But, we know that issues don’t just pop up overnight. Save your relationship or your future relationships by reading through the article as we have compiled the most common relationship killers.

Building a Relationship Around Sex and Money

If you’re seeing someone, you have to make sure that it is not just for sex or money alone. Instead, it should be for the “right” reasons. Those who have built their relationships around these things find themselves having nothing in common with their partners. Eventually, they will realize that they are only using the other person for their self-interests. Money and sex can have lots of sources, which means the couple will just drift away once they have found an alternative or different source to obtain gratification.

Unwillingness to Forgive, Especially Petty Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. However, not everyone is willing to forgive regardless of how small or petty the mistakes are. Those people who find it hard to let go of small mistakes are likely to cultivate unhealthy relationships, mainly because feelings of disgust, resentment, and anger start piling up. One morning, they will just realize that these negative feelings have already taken over their relationships.

Compatibility Issues

Opposites do attract. Unfortunately, not all opposites can stick together for long periods of time. The couples who deal with stress, anger, and any other negative experience in different ways will only amplify the situation’s gravity. However, issues may still be resolved if the contradicting personalities of the couples are toned down with the ability to understand or compromise. If you find yourself wanting to get your ex-girlfriend back, it’s still possible and that’s by trying to understand what happened with the both of you. Of course, both parties must find a way to compromise.

Now that you know the issues that affect relationships, you have to know that different types of relationships have their own sets of issues. Still, each issue has the potential to be resolved but only with the right attitude.

How to fix your relationship

Give her space

– Adopt some hobbies instead of forcing your presence into the life of your girl as doing so will only make her lose interest.

Trust her more

– Your efforts must all revolve around attracting your girl more, rather than stalking her. If you find the urge to call her a hundred times a day, stop immediately.

Don’t kill the sexual tension between the both of you

– Stop planning about sex; that will only kill the tension. Bring back the wonderful feeling of curiosity and tension that you two used to have.
If things do not work out, it is probably too late to fix your relationship. Just move on as it is easier to start a brand new relationship than reviving a dead one.

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