Get your girl back

How to win a girl back

I wish there were a secret on how to get your girl back. If that were the case, not many of my relationships would have ended so badly, and I would have to start from scratch again. Sometimes you like a person so much she becomes the idea of perfection in your head, and you would not have it any other way. If that’s the case, I can share some thoughts with you on how to get a girl back.

She is still thinking about you and wondering if she made the right choice

In the first order of things, think it through. Are you idealizing her too much? Is she the only one you want? Maybe she broke up because there’s somebody else much suited for her than you. Maybe you think you’re in love, but you’re confusing it with comfort or infatuation. There is no way you can get your girl back without being a healthy and whole person all by yourself.

Secondly, try to avoid contact with her. This will help you think with a cool head and not make any rash decisions. Concentrate on the things you enjoy, on the things that will make you a better human being. If she ever decides on making the first move, she would never hesitate on getting you back when she sees how much better you’re doing. Get a new job, dress better or just be happier. It’ll show and you can get your girl back.

But there is more to get your girl back

Third, you can think of approaching her subtly. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, just try to keep contact once in a while, just to make her remember all the good things that happened when you were together. In that order of business, you can start with small gestures and make new, better memories. She will see you are a nice catch like the one she did before, and will associate you with good things, good times and will want to keep you around.

Lastly, there’s nothing you can do to force her to make that decision. If she ever sees you’re the one she wants to be with, she’ll let you know. If you want to get your girl back, you should be patient and respect her choices. There is nothing in the world people in general value more than the power to make the choices they want to. Don’t deprive her of that feeling.

Remember that the person you should value the most is yourself. There is no game in staying in a toxic relationship, even if you think you’re having a good time. A great relationship thrives on making everyone involved blossom, be a better person, be the very best version of who they are. If this woman does all these things for you, you should totally get your girl back as soon as possible and make yourself the man that helps the relationship do all that.

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