How to make your Ex want you

Make her like you again

Honey, I might have been wrong. I want an other chance with you!

Break ups are never easy especially when you have been with a person for years. We get torn between the emotions that come after the breakup. The thought of getting back together with your girlfriend often comes to mind when you remember events, activities or even songs that you liked listening together. You begin to wish the relationship never came to an end and everything was back to normal. It becomes worse when you cannot seem to find a girlfriend that compliments you like your ex-girlfriend did. In order to learn how to get your ex-girlfriend back, you have to understand how women feel after a break up with a long-term partner. How to make your ex want you?

Different women react differently to break up

There are various types of feelings women get after break ups. For you to be able to know how to get your ex-girlfriend back, it is important to understand what emotions women go through and what emotions your ex-girlfriend might have gone through.

The first kind of women

are those that have greatly invested in the relationship. Many of these women are devastated by the outcome of events and mostly confused. They tend to experience anger and frustrations towards men and in particular those that ended up breaking the relationship with them. This, however, is entangled with mixed feelings on the slightest possibility of rekindling the love shared and bringing back the relationship to the state it once was. These kinds of women linger around for while hoping that that man would change their mind on the matter and get back together. They often do not get into other relationships with other partners for a while. They take a deal amount of time before the completely get out the relationship they had with their ex-boyfriends.

If your ex-girlfriend is this kind of women,

she might be willing to get back to you.

Whether or not you broke up the relationship you, these women need to feel wanted. All you need to do is show her how sorry you were for the outcome of theĀ event. It will take more than just words for you to convene her to let you back in her life. It is important to also show how things have changed. If they broke off with you due to lack of attraction, then you need to change things a bit. Avoid changing too much to become a new person all the same but change to such an extent that they will be drawn back to you. If you broke off things with her you might want to do things that will build trust between the two of you. These kinds of women want reinsurance that another break up will not happen when they get back with you. She might also require a commitment from you to assure her that you are serious this time round with the relationship. She might be willing to give you another change if you set the conditions right.

The other kind is the one that has learned to make the best of bad situations. She quickly gets theĀ strength to move on despite what the circumstance might be. She has developed a defense mechanism that allows them to build back their life instead of breaking down.

Women tend to tell themselves that they deserve better

Though they are not happy with the outcome of events, they feel some sought of relief. This will normally happen when they were not really happy with the relationship. These women do not end up wallowing about the turn of events for long. They get to move on quickly to the next man especially when they see he might be better than their ex-boyfriend.

Getting this kind of woman back might be a challenge. You will need more than words, flowers, and chocolate for this. Once their defense mechanism kicks in, you will find it hard to penetrate back to their lives. All hope is not lost. If your girlfriend is one of these women, then you might want to be man enough. They are easily drawn to power in men. They will appreciate a man who knows what they want. In the same time, you might try also being a gentleman. A combination of the two should be able to bring down the defense. You might also want to build slowly into her life. They appreciate order and organization. Do not make sudden changes. This will easily put them off or scare them back to the defense system.

Other women get so hurt by the break up that they decide never to date again. They become bitter and end up focusing their emotion on other things like work. They tend to build a wall to surround their hearts from being broken again.

this being said the question still remains:

How to make your ex want you

Knowing the kind of emotions she might have gone through does not bring back the relationship. You will have to consider other facts. For instance, has she moved on to another person? Is she happy in the current relationship? Or rather is she ready to forgive you and get back together with you?

In general, you will need time after you break up. Calling the over and over will not make the matter easier. Give them a time to accept what is happening. During the time you should get to know the kind of person you are and the kind of person she is in your life. By taking time off you will be able to appreciate the relationship better. After a reasonable period of time, you can now call your ex-girlfriend and try to make things work.

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